Press Release – New Council of Province Polemarchs


Philadelphia, PA, July 2011 – William Randy Bates, Jr., Esq., the Grand Polemarch (President and CEO) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., is proud to announce the appointment of twelve (12) Province Polemarchs (Regional Presidents/Directors) that comprise the Council of Province Polemarchs (COPP).  Province Polemarchs are responsible for the overall operations of all Chapters, undergraduate and alumni, in their various jurisdictions.  Kappa is represented by twelve (12) Provinces that cover all of its chapters throughout the continental United States and abroad.  The Council of Province Polemarchs terms begin immediately, they are:

  • Northern: Desmon R. Daniel, Ph.D./Saginaw (MI) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: NW Ohio, MI, and Western NY
  • Eastern: Howard L. Tutman III/Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: DC, MD, VA, and Bermuda
  • Southern: Linnes Finney, Jr., Esq. /Ft. Pierce (FL) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: AL, FL, Grand Bahamas, Rep. of Panama, and US Virgin Islands
  • *Western: Samuel B. Knight/San Diego (CA) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: AZ, CA, NV, AK, OR, WA, ID, UT, HI, Japan, and Korea
  • North Central: Korlon L. Kilpatrick II/Indianapolis (IN) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: IA, IL, IN, WI, and MN
  • *East Central: Charles S. Dawson/Cleveland (OH) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: OH, Western PA, and WV
  • South Central: Byron D. White/Murfreesboro (TN) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: KY, TN, and Northern MS
  • Southwestern: Timothy F. Albert/Houston (TX) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: AR, LA, Southern MS, NM, and TX
  • Southeastern: Lawrence H. Davis, Jr./Carrollton-Douglasville (GA) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: GA, SC, and Africa
  • Middle Eastern: Carlos D. Watson, Esq./Charlotte (NC) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: NC, and Southern WV
  • Northeastern: Jimmy McMikle/Hartford (CT) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: DE, CT, MA, NJ, PA (except Western), RI, NY, UK, and Germany
  • *Middle Western: Clifford D. Franklin/St. Louis (MO) Alumni Chapter – Jurisdiction: CO, KS, MO, NE, and OK

A complete listing of all twelve (12) Province Polemarchs, including contact information is available by contacting the Kappa International Headquarters Offices.