Brothers Only Area

The Brothers Only Area is an online community of over 700 brothers (and growing) throughout the Eastern Province. It is intended solely for members currently active in a chapter within the Eastern Province. The Brothers Only Area contains access to various Eastern Province documents & files, a calendar of events submitted by members, photo albums submitted by members, membership groups, message boards, and much more.

The Brothers Only Area is managed by Emanuel Arnold, the Eastern Province Webmaster. If you have any questions, interests, or suggestions, please contact Arnold directly via email (

Your membership information will be verified before you are granted access.


What you can expect from the Brothers Only Area:

  • Document/form Access: Review the section further below for a detailed list of administrative documents available.
  • Email updates: Receive important email updates from the province leadership team.
  • Member profile pages: Create your profile page and view other profile pages as you network with other members of the Eastern Province.
  • Member submitted calendar events: List your upcoming chapter events on the Eastern Province Calendar.
  • Member submitted photos: Share photos from various chapter and province events.
  • Discussion forums: Discuss various topics with the other members.
  • Chapter Officer groups: Ask questions and give feedback to other brothers around the province who are also serving the same chapter officer position as you!

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Documents & Forms

The following documents & forms may be accessed in the DOCUMENTS section of the Brothers Only Area:

  • Chapter Documentation Form
  • C-6 Form
  • Officers’ Report Form
  • Archives Checklist
  • Liability Release Waiver
  • Risk Management Manual
  • Special Event Checklist Form
  • Chapter Certification Checklist
  • GLAD Presenter Request Form
  • Achievement and Awards Package
  • Eastern Province Policy Manual
  • Eastern Province Risk Management Manual
  • Eastern Province Bylaws
  • Board of Directors contact information
  • Alumni Chapter Officer contact information
  • Officers’ Workshop presentations and handouts
  • Much more!

Paying Province Membership Dues (PayPal)

We request that only chapter Keeper of the Exchequers use the PayPal payment option available in the Brothers Only Area to pay member dues. Member dues should be sent in one large check. For questions regarding member dues, please contact Bob Greene, Eastern Province Keeper of the Exchequer.